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Fundacja TechSoup
Impact Report FY22

1.07.2021 - 30.06.2022

Letter from Anna Sienicka,

TechSoup VP, Europe​

It’s been another challenging year for the civil society in Europe. Like many times before, civil society organizations stepped up for their communities responding to the massive threat to peace and security in the world caused by the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an enormous refugee crisis and continuing efforts to battle the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Fundacja TechSoup recognizes the crucial role of civil society to support citizens, activists and communities to bring about positive social change and safeguard democracy. However, civil society and the civic space are constantly under-resourced and under-represented in an increasingly digital world. Through the tailor-made interventions, we directly support and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and individual activists to safeguard democracy and build up resilience. 

I am thrilled that the TechSoup Global Network including our strong network of partners in Europe continued to strengthen capacity and resiliency of civil society organizations enabling access to technology, grants, education and broader community and remain a resilient supply chain for philanthropy in these challenging times for our continent. 

It wouldn’t be possible without our generous donor partners and funders. I’d like to express our sincere gratitude: the trustful collaboration with you has never been more appreciated than during these dynamic and challenging times. The world is getting more complex, and the challenges we face continue to be interrelated, requiring all sectors: civil society, businesses, and governments to work together. We will remain focused on listening to CSOs needs, connecting both private and social sectors, strengthening relationships, and our ability to collaborate. In this way, we can deliver greater impact, continuously enhancing value, together.

Our footprint

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Digital Transformation Program

Social good needs great technology. At TechSoup, in collaboration with trusted partners we provide civil society organizations with transformative technology products, software, hardware, services, knowledge, services, connections, and expertise, to optimize the use of new technologies and more readily accomplish their missions.
In the world of technology which is developing extremely fast, CSOs need a friendly guide who can help them catch up with changes and help go smoothly and safely through the digital journey. TechSoup provides customized recommendations and tools to manage the digital transformation journey, or online training and educational courses designed specifically for staff at nonprofit organizations.

Our Focus

Digital Activism for Resilient Communities Program

Through the Digital Activism for Resilient Communities Program, Fundacja TechSoup is striving towards a world where resilient civic actors such as CSOs, activists, educators, people’s movements, and minority groups can use technology and communication strategies effectively for digital activism
to achieve a progressive agenda for social and climate justice, universal human rights, and democracy. Fundacja TechSoup directly supports and strengthens the capacity of CSOs and individual activists to safeguard democracy and build up resilience.

Our Focus

Youth Engagement Program

Fundacja TechSoup’s Youth Engagement Program is focused on strengthening the capacity of CSOs working with youth. It contributes to developing the capacity, knowledge and skills of the younger generation in Europe and beyond. Digital education, social innovation but also civic engagement, social inclusion and preventing polarization and
radicalization are all areas covered by the program. Important elements of the program are wise usage of technology to tackle current pressing issues and community building and networking of youth CSOs and activists to enhance new partnerships and cross-country initiatives.

Our Focus

Stand With Ukraine

Since 2015, Fundacja TechSoup has been working in Ukraine promoting civic engagement and focusing on public open data to enhance government transparency and accountability. We’ve been doing it by trainings, data audits, online courses, creating open data portals, apps challenges, and co-organizing an international conference – Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine (PDFUA). 2022 edition scheduled for March 3-4, 2022 was canceled after Russian attack on Ukraine.

Together with the local project partner – OPORA Civil Network, we used savings for its team members’ relocation from the regions affected by the war. We supported OPORA to create an online tool to collect information about the war crimes committed by the Russian Federation army on Ukraine’s territory.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Resources for Ukraine

When the Russian Federation invaded the independent state of Ukraine, many donors decided to offer donations and special discounts. TechSoup facilitated this exchange. We created a resource hub with critical technology, unique offers and services, and educational materials to support civil society organizations serving in and for Ukraine.

Our Impact

Webinars on disinformation

A war in Ukraine created a fertile ground for various disinformation narratives aimed at stirring anti-Ukrainian sentiments and deepening nationalistic tendencies. We need to become resilient to disinformation more than ever. We need to be aware of the shape and form it’s now taking; be able to spot it and not to spread it further.

In FY22, we organized webinars for global and local communities about producing mis and disinformation and ways how to protect ourselves.

Online courses

To improve critical thinking skills, deepen the understating of mechanisms behind disinformation, show how to take control of our exposure online but also ways of using technology to create positive change and mobilize supporters for our cause, we created free online courses available in 9 languages.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Resource Guide: Offline to Online Education Transformation

With continued COVID-19 pandemic and the need of online learning, we prepared Resource Guide: Offline to Online Education Transformation – a comprehensive guide designed for trainers, educators, and organizations engaged in educational initiatives wishing to convert their training from an offline to an online format.

Digital Transformation Campaign

At TechSoup, we are proud to provide support to nonprofits around the globe in their digital transformation journey. With our digital transformation initiatives, we are helping nonprofits to accelerate their digital transformation process and adapt more efficiently to a rapidly changing technology landscape.


In FY22, together with TechSoup partners we prepared a few nonprofit digital transformation stories to show CSOs why it is worth starting their digital journey.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Canva tutorial

Creating eye-catching graphics is the key of digital communication. We created a 10-episodes tutorial that shows how to use CANVA – an online design and publishing tool available in basic version for free and in pro version for nonprofits.

32 000 young Europeans developing digital skills at Meet and Code events

Since 2017, over 200 000 young people from 35 European countries participated in more than 5 700 free events organized by non-governmental organizations thanks to financial support from Meet and Code. Initiative is powered by SAP, managed by Haus des Stiftens and Fundacja TechSoup and possible locally thanks to TechSoup partners.

Our Impact

“At SAP we are very inspired by
our partnership with TechSoup
which has brought Meet and Code to life since 2017. Together we have empowered over 200 000 young Europeans with digital skills and
have fostered social change
in 35 countries!”

Gabriele Hartmann
Lead, Corporate Social Responsibility MEE, CA MEE CSR SE

Our greatest asset is our network. We work directly with these civil society organizations:

Our partners

These organizations provided generous grant funding for projects that were carried out in FY22. Thank you for being a part of this work and we hope you will be a part of what happens next.

Our partners

TechSoup relies on its partners to build a technology product philanthropy service that truly serves the nonprofit community. We thank all of our partners for their generous contributions.

If your company produces technology solutions — ranging from hardware and software to cloud-based resources, training, and more — TechSoup wants to talk to you. Help civil society organizations achieve more with limited budgets.

Our partners

It was all possible thanks to our

amazing team.

Our Team